Mr. Strasser understands the significant commitment required by an attorney to provide each client charged with a crime with the best investigation into the circumstances and surroundings of the events giving rise to a criminal charge.  The best investigation identifies weaknesses in the prosecution's case, conflicts in eyewitness testimonies, unwillingness of witnesses to testify, and other significant factors to defend a client.

Strasser and Associates pledges to take the utmost care in providing each client who may be charged with a crime with the best defense designed to have the charges dropped, dismissed, or mitigated. 

In the event that a case requires a trial by judge or jury, Mr. Strasser has the necessary experience in criminal matters to ensure the best presentation of all matters necessary to have a client found not guilty by judge or jury.  

Strasser and Associates handles criminal matters in both State Court and in Federal Court:

White Collar Offenses

Employment related Offenses

Banking Offenses

Fraud Offenses

Money Laundering Cases

Counterfeit Cases

Money Wire/Money Theft - electronic transfers

Forgery Cases

Murder, including Capital Murder

Intoxication Manslaughter

DWI/DUI (misdemeanor and felony)

Sexual Assault of a Child

Sexual Assault of an Adult

Aggravated Assault

Conspiracy Crimes

Most other Felony Offenses

Misdemeanors of all types

Investigation Cases - Grand Juries, FBI, DEA, Secret Service, and other Law  Enforcement bodies

All offenses involving Juveniles