Defense Experience

Mr. Strasser has represented one of the world's largest insurance companies,  Lloyd's of London Insurance Company, Beresford Mercado, London England,  in the prosecution and defense of claims surrounding trucking-automobile
accidents.  Mr. Strasser has successfully defended Private Companies who have been sued for products liability claims involving death and serious bodily injury.

Plaintiff Experience

Mr. Strasser has represented individuals and their families as Plaintiffs in  serious bodily injury cases and wrongful death cases.  

With experience in both defense of injury claims as a Defendant and presenting claims for recovery as a Plaintiff, Mr. Strasser has the experience necessary to provide the best possible recovery for a client and their families due to accident, negligence, or other catastrophic injury.    

Strasser and Associates handles the following cases:

Automobile accident cases

Trucking cases

Large Equipment cases (tractors/backhoes/construction equipment)

Nursing Home Negligence/Hospital negligence

Business negligence cases

Assaults/intentional injuries

Sexual Assault cases

Property neglect cases

Fire losses

Insurance coverage denial cases

Injuries to children

Construction defect cases

Premise liability cases

Other injury cases.